One van, two areas of expertise

The L300 platform is ideally suited to two distinct uses: cargo and passenger transport.
The SWB version lets you seat a total of 10 people in the van – 3 in the front and 7 in the back. Everyone’s got enough leg and headroom and, more importantly, everyone’s got a safety belt.
Even when fully loaded with passengers, there’s a healthy amount of rear luggage space, plus under-seat storage as well.
The LWB offers a huge 5,520 litres. In both vans, the interior construction has been designed to make the roof as high and the walls as wide as possible.


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The power source

When you’re onto a good thing, you stick to it. This is the idea behind L300’s engine. It’s the famously reliable – and powerful – 2.4 litre petrol engine. It’s got the torque you need to carry or tow a large load. In fact, the only thing we’ve changed recently is the power output.
On the open road, its swift delivery of power makes it great for overtaking.
On the technical side, L300’s engine incorporates 16 valves. This improves the engine’s ability to breathe, also helping power and efficiency.
Controlling the fuel delivery is Mitsubishi’s ECI Multipoint Injection. This system uses a computer to continually calculate the precise air/ fuel mixture. So however fast or slow you’re going and whatever load you’re carrying, you’re always getting maximum available power and optimal efficiency.

Ever-faithful gearbox

For smooth delivery of power, L300 features our easy-to-use 5-speed manual transmission. The gearshift sits on a raised panel so it’s closer to your hand.
The gear ratios are exactly what a hard-working van needs to move loads and boot up to highway speeds.

Easy steering

Work is hard enough without steering adding to the effort. That’s why L300 steering is power assisted. It makes the van very light to turn, but still keeps the steering feeling responsive and firm.