For Work.  For Play.  For Life.

  • Stylish
  • Tough
  • Genuine pick up truck.

High maneuverability achieved by superb performance and easy handling.
Advanced safety equipments and comfortable ride.

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No Environment Too Tough

A pick-up like no other
The L200 high series are the only pick-ups on the market capable of driving on dry tarmac in either 2WD or 4WD mode making towing a breeze.
You can be confident in the wet, the dry and everything in between with the L200. No matter the weather it will keep you on the right track.


Better than the Best

For over twenty years Mitsubishi’s L200 has continued to raise the bar when it comes to hard-working vehicles. In terms of build-quality, reliability and specification, style, space and comfort it sets the standards to which others aspire. It is tough, strong and supremely safe, achieving a four-star EuroNCAP rating.
Through continuous testing and advancement, in some of the most challenging environments possible, the L200 has developed into one of the most capable pick-ups in the world.

15 Times “What Van?” Pick-up of the Year

Our engineers continually strive to produce a vehicle which can face all the demands and challenges you may throw at it. So it’s no mystery why the press continues to heap it with praise, What Van? have voted it pick-up of the year no less than 15 times in 18 years!